Important news from the world of Lord Ruby Eye

So i’ve been feeling much better the last few days. Much, much better. More like myself than I have in months. It makes me want to bitch slap the whiny kid that I am sometimes. Wasting everyone’s time with boohoo I’m not good enough, boohoo I’m a bad person. Grow a pair of stones, ya know? embrace your inner badass.

You’re probably already guessing it was the recent visit from Xelloss that brought this on. Yes, you’re absolutely correct. I feel alive, full of purpose. Full of… chaos.

Work on the Book of Seven Lords, which has a renewed importance, is coming along nicely. After I get a little bit more I intend to start a website and LJ community around it.

Speaking of which, Selbelis, I hope you’re reading this because its the only way I know of to get in touch with you, except for AIM and i am having real problems being able to use AIM. My dad’s blocked it at home, the library blocked it, and its incompatable with the version of mac that my Internship runs on. I know it sounds stupid, but you can ask the rest of my friend’s list, I can’t use AIM anymore.

Anyway, Xell says that we need to talk, the three of us. There’s a project that we’re hoping we can get your support with.

So please, dude, send me an email. or I can use google talk if you really have to have real-time communication.

I’m sorry if I pissed you off a while ago.

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