Bitch bitch rant

I don’t know why I botehr posting at Otakin anymore. either we’re fighting or no ones talking. Normally I don’t care that much, but this time its crossed the line.

Some rank n00b joins the community, and immedately makes a post ( ) dredging up a thread on Portal of Evil from over a year ago, making fun of a post that I made on the Otherkin community, even longer ago than that.

Sure enough, the n00bs post devolves into bashing ME for being a loud mouth. AKA for having defended myself a year ago from the POE goons.

Lets get this staight.

Why do we have a community if no one is willing to discuss being otakin for fear of being bashed? The difference between me and the rest of the comm, is if someone starts bashing me for being oatkukin, or starts bashing otakukin in general from a point of ignorance, I’m not going to just stand there and say nothing. Why should I?


Well, lets think about the concessions I’ve made. I don’t post any so called ‘drama’ on the otakukin or otherkin comms any more.

Consequently, no one ever talks unless there IS drama.

What the fucking fuck.

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