This is one of the many reasons I’ve tried to stay off aim.

AIM IM with evilfrenchman07
4:50 PM
evilfrenchman07: so what anime character are you?
me: Excuse me?
evilfrenchman07: tl;dr : He thinks he has the soul of an anime character, and that anime is really another plane of existence and their souls can be combined with humans or something…
me: Who said that to you?
evilfrenchman07: Why?
me: Because if it was Liam, he’s a dick
evilfrenchman07: Maybe it was liam
me: Or, maybe you just want me to get mad at him *sigh*
me: Have you seen my website?
evilfrenchman07: no i havent i cant stand weeaboos
me: Fuck you. I’m no wapanese
evilfrenchman07: yes you are
me: No, I’m not
evilfrenchman07: bullshit
me: I’m not calling you an over-assumng 4chan/ED dickhead
me: even though thats what I;m assuming you are, and nothing you say will prove otherwise to me
me: just like you’re assuming about me, and nothing I say will prove otehrwise to you
evilfrenchman07: your telling me your not a weeaboo?
evilfrenchman07: bullshit
me: I barely watch anime. I’m a western sci-fi geek.
evilfrenchman07: how can you think you are a anime charcter
me: How can christians think they’re going to be saved by a magic man in the sky who loves them-but that won’t stop him from punishing them for all eternity
evilfrenchman07: at least christanity didnt come into existance in after world war 2
evilfrenchman07: like you think you are a fucking animu charater do the world a favor kill your self
me: I’d don’t need validation from you
evilfrenchman07: fucking nigger
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