An informative post?

So it looks like most of the drama has been resolved. That’s nice, anway.

So, I’ve been working at W&B, trying to get a raise, and working my tail off. Last night I was handing out programs for the biggest Author Visit they’ve had in a while; it was at the Hochstein school of music, and it was huge over 800 people! Granted I knew that would be, as I’ve been entering their credit card data for the last week.

These people trust me with credit card data! You know, sometimes my own restraint surprises me.

Anyway, the Author was Elizabeth Gilbert, writer of some memoir in which she gets emo about having a divorce and uses her ex-husband’s money to travel around the world and deal with her issues. If you care, she’ll be on Oprah tomorrow (friday).

As for me, I’ve been having some issues of my own- sadly I don’t get to travel the world and whine about them in a best-selling book. Such is life.

Now I’m pretty much okay, though, for a number of reasons, none of which I particularly want to get into.

I have just started reading two books, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Heinlein (because it was sitting on my bathroom floor and I was bored. Man, is the dialect in that weird! The anrrator/main character and most of the other characters drop words like The, A, AN, is and stuff. But its cool!)

The other book is The Maltese Falcon, because at Work we are putting on a HUGE number of events related to the book, because we got a grant from the NEA. If you’re curious, we have a list of events HERE, I know, because I put them up myself. We’re also selling chocolate falcons, YUM!

So, in other words I am off my Star Wars Novels kick (I have to remember to return that one to the library)

I am trying to beat Mario 2 again- its harder than I remember! But it is one of my favorite games, even if it is not really a mario game.

Personal notes:

I sent a Letter to ELLEN, also got started with the new RP.

Have been trying to get in contact with MEG.

Actually got in conact with RIN for once, and it reminded me why I miss her so much.

About to email MARY KAY.

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