A List of Names

Following up on a recent post, this is an introduction to everyone in headspace who either currently uses or might possibly use this journal. Also, I would like to add that that fact that David and I are soulbonded has nothing to do with the fact that we are otakukin. They are separate categories and we are perfectly willing to accept that the whole soulbonding thing may be a function of our writing creativity and empathy. However we do not (usually) believe this to be the case. You are of course, as always, free to believe as you like.

The Name Greer refers to the body, or to the Massha/David construct as one entity. Massha and David generally agree that they are two separate identities/souls- but occasionally disagree on this point. They have inhabited the same body for two lifetimes, both having been born into Greer simultaneously and for the most part deliberately attempt to function as a single entity, always IRL and often online. In other words Massha is Massha and David is David but Massha is Greer and David is Greer and Massha and David are Greer.

Massha aka The Kaizer/Emperor aka Illian– aka all kinds of other things that I decide to call myself, including Overlord Mordax, Razakel, Raza Stormgather, Saevitia, and sundry others. People have called me pretentious, aggressive, argumentative, egomaniacal, pedantic, twisted, crazy, and awesome. I disagree with none of those assessments except to say ‘you say that as though it were a bad thing’. I consider myself an empathic demon or ‘vampire’, and a genius. I’m creative in bursts, and I tend to get very obsessed with one thing, and then move completely away from it onto something else.

David aka Ken– David is a sweet boy. He’s quiet, contemplative; shy, understanding, laid-back, self-effacing and full of (I think) misplaced guilt and feelings of caring and desire to help people. He’s creative in more of a ponderous and philosophical way than I am, valuing art for art’s own value rather than potential for fame. This is good for him, because he never thinks his work is any good, even though it usually is. Usually when you’re not talking to me, you’re talking to him.

Bunny– Bunny has been here since Greer was 12ish. She is very simple and child-like, and almost always speaks in the third person. She’s not particularly bright, and gets treated as, and thinks of herself as a child, even though she is technically a fully-grown woman. She’s prone to overt displays of emotion, almost always happiness, anger, or sadness. Complex ideas and emotions confuse her and she has a tendency to assume that like her problems, everyone’s problems can be solved with a hug and cup of cocoa. She’s not very good with computers and usually limits herself to reading fanfiction rather than communication

The Cartographer aka ???– The Cartographer is a mysterious figure with another identity. He has a flair for theatrics, like me, so he’d be upset if I told you who he was and what his goals were. People think he’s a jerk, but he gets bored easily. He’s been around since we were about 15.

Vincent– Vincent is a muse, more Ken’s than mine. He’s lazy with a broad sense of humor and a tendency to nap on the couch and watch action movies and play violent video games. He’s been around since we were about 13 or 14.

Silverbolt– originally from the cartoon Beast Wars Silverbolt is a chivalrous knight type with the tendency to act on impulse and so whatever he thinks is the right thing at the moment without thinking about possible consequences. He’s not unintelligent, but he’s still kind of dumb. He holds doors for ladies and thinks that good is its own reward and suchlike. He’s been around since we were about 13.

Grima son of Galmod– originally from Lord of the Rings Grima is quiet, scholarly, and a bit manipulative. He holds Machiavelli’s Prince as a role model, but he’s too much of a romantic at heart to pull it off successfully. He gives wonderful advice. He’s been around since I was 16 or 17.

Julian Valmont– originally from ‘Jackie Chan Adventures’ Valmont is dignified, long-suffering, sarcastic, prissy, scheming, British and possessed of an entitlement complex. The cause and effect dynamic between his personality and the fact that he is/was the CEo of a mega-corporation and the Boss of a knockoff Mafia are lost on me. He was around for a while when I was 16, left, and recently came back.

Captain Jack Sparrow– originally from Pirates of The Carribean. What can I say about Captain Jack that hasn’t been said before? You’re unlikely to see him unless he gets incredibly bored and decides that posting would be a good idea after all. That will be sometime after he’s done playing Soul Caliber. He’s recent.

The Ghostly Trio– composed of Stretch, Stinky and Fatso, they’ve been in and out of headspace for the last 4 or so years. They have a whacky, immature sense of humor, they’re party animals. Eternally 23-year-old jackasses. Stretch is Moe, Fatso is Curly. Stretch is the only one who ever interacts with anyone outside headspace.

And that’s about it. There are others around, but the chances you’ll actually meet them are constantly approaching 0.

-Massha (with a little help from David)

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