Bad news, and good news

So, my primary hard drive- the one that has all of my art and writing on it from the last 7 years- is dead. The good news is I have a back up. The bad news is its over a year old, so all of my most RECENT art and writing, especially anything I haven’t posted to the net, is gone.

That’s the original PSDs of most of my art- and the 7,000 or so words of writing I’ve been doing that I haven’t sent to anyone.

All my From Fiction stuff is safe; it’s on another hard drive.

I may be missing some music though.


I am trying, mostly successfully, not to freak out.

In other news it appears that 15 episodes of 1995’s Casper cartoon show are available on DVD. Pity it’s not more. The bonus to this is its only 8 bucks at walmart. I should probably tell the crew at my find. Also, the GOOD Sonic cartoon series from my childhood- whole series on dvd. Yay.

I know this because Meg and I went shopping. Now when I actually have money, I will buy them.

In yet other news, thanks to Audrey, I am actually selling puppets.

And I have joined a D&D game because I was drunk with Audrey and in Baldo’s Armory (local game store) and asked Baldo if there was any DM who would be willing to teach a n0o0b. Turns out this guy Ray was actually about to start a n00b teaching game!

So far I have played 2 sessions and it its really awesome. I’m playing a human female Rogue based on an old character of mine, and due to my high charisma (in game as well as IRL) and the fact that I have the biggest mouth and most determination to role-play, I have become the de-facto leader of the party! If anyone cares we’re playing ‘Rise of The Runelords’ module.


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