I finally got Lost Season 2 on DVD! I got it for less than $20 used at Game Craze which is a hell of a lot better than $60.

For those of you who don’t know, I am one hundred percent obsessed with Lost. I have print outs of maps, and the Dharma symbol and crud in my bedroom. XD

I love it because it has so much to dig out if you pay attention. I can watch it over and over again, and when I’m not watching, reflect on it. I’m a huge reader of people’s ‘Lost Theories’ though I don’t have one of my own -yet.

David’s also a big fan, so we’ve been watching it together. Just got done powering through the first season, and now we’re four episodes through the second.

It was actually the first time we’d seen a few of the first season (despite owning the DVD) David got us both into it through recs at the UNFORUMS when season two was just about to start. We kinda just hit the highlights of season one (actually he saw a couple more than me). BUT now we’ve seen them all.

Can’t wait until season three comes out in December- can we say christmas present? Hell yes!

Getting season 2 almost makes up for not having had new episodes in months! T_T I can not WAIT for Febuary.

About a month ago I was obsessing so hard I had a dream where Jack set a trap for the Others and tried to kill them with falling breakfast foods, ie giant sausage biscuts. O_o

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