Someone has a big effing mouth. Why does Massha insist on telling everyone about our plans for the evening? I don’t particularly want everyone and their mother to know I am going ‘clubbing’ as she put it. Geesh.

In other news, I am bored. Wrote a drabble for the digimon drabbles community. That was vaguely amusing. It’d be nice if that community came back to life again.

Oh hey, this is kind of old news, but my brother and I went to Boulder coffee to see a band a few nights ago. (I think it was monday, I could be wrong) The band was Proud Simon, and they were really cool. 😀 I got their CD- they were giving it away free because they have a new one coming out. The lead singer was very attractive, but he was too skinny. He had great hair.

I have decided I absolutely adore live music, and intend on going to more. I felt really inspired listing to it. It reminded me of why I believe in spirit.

Also, what happened to all *my* icons. <_< Valmont gets one, but somehow I can't find one I like.

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