So now I get paid by the hour. It looks like it’ll be somewhere between 80-120 dollars a week, depending. Mostly, I have Julian to thank for this, as he’s the one who actually had the stones to confront our boss on the subject of money. So, I owe him one, and unfortunately he knows it.

In other news, I took my grandmother to church on Sunday. It wasn’t anything interesting, just Unitarian Universalist. I don’t mind too much, but it was boring, preachy, overly-optimistic and too political for my taste. It looks like I’ll be taking her every week. Ah well. I like spending time with my grandma, anyway, and it’s a nice break from the family.

D&D is going well. Holly and I are the only two players who still have our original characters, lol.

It is cold and snowy again here in Rochester. >_> Curse you snow.

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