Originally posted over at digimondrabbles where I have a few in a similar vein. I donno. I wanted to post this one here.

Title: A Single Step
Series: Adventure 02
Characters: Ken, Osamu
Rating: PG
Word count: 168

A single step. That’s all that it took to destroy everything. To change everything. To change Ken Ichijouji forever. And it wasn’t even his step; it was his brother’s.

It was the step that led Osamu Ichijouji into the path of the oncoming car- the car that broke his body and threw it meters ahead into the road like a discarded doll. The body that Ken, little more than 6, wept over, and shook, as he begged his brother not to leave him.

“I’m sorry,” Ken whimpered, “I didn’t really want you gone. Don’t go big brother, please don’t go, I’m sorry!”

And Osamu did forgive him, there, as one bled out onto the pavement and sirens wailed, the Ichijouji brothers shared a final moment of reconciliation. But in the end forgiveness wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to save Osamu from death, and it wasn’t enough to save Ken from the darkness.

It was a long, long time before Ken would even remember that he had ever been forgiven.

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