Well, I wasn’t sure what to post this morning before, but now I know!

I just found out that my drabble (the same one I posted a couple days ago) won the weekly contest at digimondrabbles. That makes me feel pretty good.

All in all it has been a good week for writing around here. Tuesday was the reading at which I was one of the two featured authors. ‘Another Ouija Horror Story’ went over really well. A lot of people said that they liked it.

Then last night was the critique of my new story at my SF&F class. That went amazingly! Everyone said they liked it, they thought it was funny, thoughtful, well written, etc- and also pointed out some things that I agree definitely could be improved upon. Nancy Kress, the teacher, was the kindest of all, I thought. She said with some work she definitely thought that my story would be salable! She’s only said that to like one other person in the class, so I know she meant it.

Now, if only I could get an acceptance letter back from that anthology…


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