Title: WishSeries: Digimon 02Characters: Ken, Daisuke, WormmonRating: G (rated A for angst)Word count: 242Topic: cakeConstructive Criticism: surenotes: sorry for taking the obvious route with this prompt. Ken stared at the candles intensely as if trying to blow them out with his eyes. There were four of them. This was in fact a symbolic grouping of candles, rather than a literal one- he was not four years old he was forty. God only knew how he…

The sound of music

You know what sucks, almost more than having the flu and having to be at work? Having an old christian hymn stuck in my head. Seriously, I haven’t been to church in years, and yet ‘Sing a new song unto the Lord’ is going through my head. And whenever I manage to get it out, it switches with “Jesse’s Girl”