Dream entry 1

I can now say for sure that there is probably no better way to have incredibly strange, intricate, half-lucid dreams all night long than by promising someone that you will keep as detailed a dream journal as possible.

As you might imagine, I have made this promise to Sletia, in order to confirm or debunk some claims being made by another friend of hers. Oh goody!

So the first dream I had was right after falling asleep, on the very cusp. I’m not sure I’d even call it a dream so much as a quick visualization. I saw the figure of a woman, with long (we’re talking almost butt-length) wavy/curly dark brown hair. She had pale skin, and delicate wrists, she was smiling, but I couldn’t see her eyes. Her bust size was average and I think she was wearing a blue or white dress. She almost looked like a drawing and As strange as it sounds I got the feeling of ‘purple’ from her. It was just an image, and then it launched into the next series of dreams.

There was a dream between that and the next that is just a gray blur in my mind. I remember thinking as I was dreaming it ‘This is boring, lets get to the good part.’

Then I was on a ship in the middle of a storm. Jack Sparrow was with me, and it *seemed* to be the Black Pearl, but as far as I could tell it was being captained by a woman, with a stern face and dark, also curly, but much shorter hair. She said something about the ship being a ‘nice reproduction’. Somehow we were in an amusement park, or something, we were in a small craft, going speedily up a man made river. We started to go past the brother of my old friend Bridget on another craft, but he knocked us off. And that was the first loop. We went back in time about an hour to try again. We went down the weird ride/river like four times with no luck, until we finally got into this soggy old house/warehouse. It was pitch dark, and decrepit. The water was only about knee-height and we were alternately walking around and in the ship. Someone (Ragetti?) leaned down into the water and pulled up a large jar or old ‘green-olive salad’ (It looked like mostly green olives and a few peppers) Then someone came in and caught us, the water drained and I saw the remains of like an entire pantry on the soggy floor and we went back in time again. Then the next time around it was only me, Jack, and the nonspecific woman captain person. We were apparently caught by James Bond and some young sidekick girl. It was very strange.

And then there was a ‘Lost’ interlude, in which I was Charlie, running down the beach toward the caves. Hurley was in the background, and I think Ethan was there too.

And then I had a ‘false awakening’ where I dreamed I woke up. I looked at the side of my dresser which is right next to my bed, and where I’ve hung a number of Xelloss pictures. The night before (for real) I’d also hung up a sign reminding myself to write down my dreams as soon as I woke up. In my dream, almost all of the pictures had fallen down except for that sign, and a picture of Lina.

And then I woke up for real.

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