Dream entry 2

Have you ever had an experience where someone has told you about a dream they had, and then a couple days later you have the same dream?

I slept on the floor friday night at my grandma’s apartment, and for a number of reasons my mind was racing and I had serious problems sleeping.

I flicked in and out of wakefulness with incredibly short dream fragments, mostly pertaining to World of Warcraft and Wajas, which was what was on my mind.

About 3 hours into that I had the longest, clearest fragment. All it was was an image of a telephone, it rang twice, and I knew I had to pick it up because it was long distance. I picked it up, but there was just silence. And then I woke up.

It was the same dream that Sletia had a few nights ago.

After that I was up for about half an hour, and then I fell much more heavily and normally asleep.

I seem to have been having a few separate dreams simultaneously, so I’m not really gonna try and put it in perfect order.

At one point which I think was the first in my dreams, I was in some sort of distopian future/desert prison where I was with a number of people. Two of them, a male and a female seem to have been my closest friends/partners, and the guy sometimes seemed to be my brother, while the woman was someone I didn’t quite recognize, but might have been massha and might have been somebody who was just a dream extra, or the same woman who was the captain in my last dream. The woman took a stick and near the edge of the encampment or whatever, pulled up a grate covered in leaves and muck and started pulling away said gunk. My brother asked her what she was doing, and she pointed out that since people hung around the grate (which was the entrance to some tunnels) at night, there might be valuable things left behind. She went on to find two quarters and a number of shoes and boots, two of which matched and all of which seemed fairly ‘gothy’. Apparently all of this stuff was in fact valuable.

Next and I use the term next loosley, I was with two *different* people in the office of someone who was obviously ‘da boss’. We were gangsters who had come to get our payment for a service I never really got a sense of. The boss was totally hidden by a swiveling chair except for his arm, kinda like Dr Claw but, I think the guy was alternately Jack from Reefer Madness and or Julian Valmont. He told us to write our own check and when one of us, the leader I guess, got greedy I pointed out that it had to be a check that we could actually *cash*. The boss got pissed anyway and totally screwed us on our payment. I think the final check was written for ‘a box of memoirs and a shoe’.

I think the next part was when I got in the car with Rin. We got to her mom’s house and up to her room. She said we had to be quiet so her mom didn’t know we were there, but we both started giggling at something funny. The door opened, it wasn’t her mom but a woman in a bunny suit, a friend of her moms, I guess. Then her mom came in in a white sailor moon type outfit (ew)) they clearly had just been to a costume party.

Then I was at some kind of bookstore or anime store and they were having a sale of masks, and a costume contest.I wandered off and was looking at a shelf full of anime box sets. The only one I recognized was Inu Yasha. Then I fell down. This chubby young Japanese clerk guy came and asked me if I was alright, and I told him I was sorry in japanese. I fell down about 3 more times, and then my brother told my dad that I needed to go to the emergency room. I protested that I didn’t and stumbled out of the store into the street, a busy almost NYC section of the city. Me, my brother and Meg were walking home from there. My brother’s cellphone rings and its my mom telling us to take a cab home. Trevor practically leaps into this one cab in the middle of the street driven by a young middle aged woman with curly blond hair and blue eyes who looked like a cross between Elizabeth Gilbert and Juliet from Lost. I protest that I don’t want to take a cab, and keep saying that I hate cabs.

back on Rin’s doorstep, we’re saying our goodbyes, and Trevor is trying to rush me. except Rin and I are also Rufus and Reno from FF7. We give one another ‘respect knuckles’ and as I’m walking away it becomes apparent that I’m also Gaav??? and she is ????.

And at some point during this whole mess I had a false awakening where I got up to turn off my grandma’s heater because I was too hot.

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