Well, it looks like my new site; mysteriouspriest.com has been picked up by the unforums. It’s not surprising, considering I did run a fairly popular game a while back. The mistake with the mailing list seems highly suspicious, I’ll agree- especially considering that it apparently went to a few people that I don’t remember having had contact with before. (That’s not to say that someone else who uses our email couldn’t have put them in there.)

Anyway, since the world is watching, I’ll say it here. Mysteriouspriest.com was created in significant part at the behest of my master Xelloss. There are a lot of well, hidden things there for the observant some of which only Xelloss knows the purpose of and where its going. And since he’s not here at the moment, I can’t ask him what that purpose is. As if he would even answer me.

What I can tell you is that I am very real. And Xelloss is real, at least to me. What I’m trying to say, emphatically is: