Otakukin issues

I think everyone who watches my journal knows by now, that I’m an otakukin- the reincarnation of Ken Ichijouji, who was portrayed as a character in the anime Digimon.

I belonged, for about 2 days, to a nascent otakukin focused community called “no so fictional”. The community was quickly picked up by Encyclopedia Dramatica.

The community immediately shut down and went into hiding.

Now, I’m not a moderator there, so I can’t tell them what to do.

My opinion is that hiding is a very bad idea.

Hiding our opinions and beliefs only reinforces the idea that they are worthy of mockery

If we act like its something secret, or shameful, that’s how people will perceive it.

So I’m taking today to remind people that I’m an otakukin and a soulbonder, and I’m not necessarily proud of that fact- its not an accomplishment, or something that I did that I can be proud of- its just who I am.

And I’m not ashamed of that.


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