So, my family is having a huge drama llama fight like always.

This morning my dad said that if I wanted to live in his house I had to “stop supporting homosexuality” because it is a “death cult” that is “self-destructive” and wants to destroy the world.

He literally told me that he believed all inventions for killing people were invented by homosexuals. He cited inventor of of the machine gun Hiram Maxim who he CLAIMED had no children

Wikipedia says “He married his first wife, Jane Budden, in 1867. Their children were: Hiram Percy Maxim; Florence Maxim, who married George Albert Cutter, and Adelaide Maxim, who married Eldon Joubert, Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s piano tuner.[1]”

I’m going to call him and tell him about that.

And all this is coming from him, knowing FULL WELL that I’m bisexual, and not female.

So, in other words, I’m sort of looking for a roomate.


ETA: called my dad with the info. He claimed that he in fact KNEW Hiram Maxim was not a homosexual and was testing me so that I would actually learn something.

As they say at fandomwank calling it a ‘social experiment’ does not excuse you from being a) wrong, or b) a dick.

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