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I’ve updated my website

Here is one of the new articles. This one is about the “Otakukin Rapture” which has been on everyone’s minds lately.

The so-called ‘Otherkin Rapture’ is a term I first heard three years ago, on the livejournal community ‘Otherkin’. I’ve heard it many times since then, and lately, its begun to be applied by Otakukin.

As far as I can tell the basic idea is this:

Some time in the future there is going to be some kind of event; a change in the laws of physics of this universe, or more often the spiritual plane merging with this plane, causing all otherkin and otakukin to either be “raptured” back to their universe and form of origin, OR for all otherkin and otakukin to regain their previous forms and magical powers here on earth

The first idea seems to have derived from the fundamentalist Christian idea of
Rapture, the time before Jesus returns, when all good Christians are taken up into heaven without actually having to die.

The second idea I have heard in conjunction with the belief that this earth once *was * magical, and that the magic, sealed away, will return at some point. This seems to be derived, or at least share similarities with Larry Niven’s stories The Magic Goes Away and The Magic May Return.

Some signs that are supposed to indicate its imminence are changes in physical forms, regaining old abilities (like if you were a wolf in the last life your sense of smell would suddenly enhance), increase in the effectiveness of magic spells and astral traveling, dreams, signs, portents, cats and dogs living together etcetera.

As far as when its supposed to happen 2012 is what I’ve heard used most often, probably because there’s 2012 prophecy going around already, talking about spiritual shifts and end times. However recently the date 2010 has come up recently, possibly because we otakukin are in impatient lot. Or maybe we’ll get our forms back for two years, and then in 2012 the world will end. I have no clue.

To me it seems like, true or not, the benefits of such an event would vary greatly depending on who you were in your past. For otherkin and otakukin who were immortal before this, with super cool powers and such, it would certainly be a great thing.

But what about those otakukin who have had multiple past lives? Would they be an amalgam of all of them? Be able to shift between them? And where’s the benefit for anyone who was just a normal or relatively normal human being in the past?

What about those of us who share a body (soulbonds and multiples) will we each get our own body at the Otakukin Apocalypse? I have to say that’s a nice thought.

Do I believe in the whole thing? That depends. On the one hand there has been a lot of strange things going on lately, and it would be nice if those of us who are trapped here could go home. Or even just get our old forms back. On the other hand, the whole 2012 mayan calendar thing is pretty arbitrary. I get the feeling that if the otakukin movement had started a few years earlier than it did, we’d all have been saying the same thing about 2000/2001. So, while I can see where people are coming from, and I’m hopeful, I’m really not gonna bet the farm just yet.


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