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The Otakukin (if you don’t know what this is this is the article you HAVE TO READ)

Alright, I’ve known about these people for a couple of months now and the reason I haven’t covered them before now is because there is nothing I can say that thousands of people haven’t said about them already. There is no subtle horror or idiocy in what they believe, everything wrong with them jumps right at you.

But for those of you who don’t know what these “Otakukin” are, this will be quite entertaining.

These people. Believe. That they. Are…………… The reincarnation of a Japanimation character.

Just let that sink in there for a moment.

Now let me elaborate on that.

These people believe they are cartoon characters reincarnated. Yep can’t get much more clearer than that. Though the leader of these people, an evil woman who calls herself Mordax, does try quite hard. According to her, they are

“To be brief, and blunt, most Otakukin believe that they have the souls of anime characters, or at least come from worlds represented by anime, or other modern fiction. Many Otakukin attribute this belief to reincarnation, although some have other definitions of their origin. Although you may be asking yourself how someone can be the reincarnation of a person that doesn’t exist, for most Otakukin their identity hinges on the belief in multiple dimensions or words wherein other situations, including those depicted in anime, actually happen.”

In other words kids, it’s make believe! Mordax tries her hardest on this website (http://otakukin.atspace.com/ I suggest reading it just because it’s soooooooooo hilarious) to convince us that she and the others are not crazy. That they have a belief system and it deserves to be respected just like any other faith. That you can’t disprove it, so you can’t say it’s impossible.

First off, just because you have a belief, that doesn’t mean it deserves to be respected. Hitler and the nazis had a belief that the Jews needed to be exterminated, I for one don’t respect that belief and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a Jew that does too. Republicans have a belief that gays don’t deserve to marry, and I again, I don’t respect that belief. It your belief is wrong and oppressive, it doesn’t deserve respect. And in the case of Otakukin, it is wrong and insulting to writers.

“I believe that I am NARUTO! In my past life I jumped around in an orange jump suit and had a lot of gay best friends!” See as for the writers of these Japanimations, the Otakukin believe that they are wizards……… yes. Wizards who can see other dimensions, and write down what they see. And also apparently everything they see they decide to market by making it into a cartoon! IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

As a writer I find this EXTREMELY insulting. These people are insinuating that the works of creative people are all just the products of mindless watchings of another world. Let me tell you, if I ever wrote a show, and some kid started proclaiming that he was the reincarnation of my main character, and that I didn’t really invent the character, I would SUE HIS ASS UNTIL HE’S LIVING ON THE DAMN STREETS!

Lets be real here people, the Otakukin are just a bunch of nerds who really love Japanimation and want to believe that they’re not really the dorks that get swirlies everyday but rather they are a Cloud from Final Fantasy, who wields a giant sword and can cast magic. “Yeah cool!” Yeah you’re a loser!


The way these people describe “re-finding their memories” is SO stupid. Lets look at Morgax, who believes she is the reincarnation of the main Digimon villain.

“On screen was Ken Ichijouji, straight, dark haircut around her chin, wearing his school uniform. ‘That’s the bad guy’ I told my brother. He said something along the lines of ‘you don’t know that’. But I did know it.”

Gee, she’s right. THAT proves it for sure. After all, its SO HARD to look at a cartoon character and discern if he’s a villain or not.

Ken Ichijouji, villain or hero? I CAN’T TELL!

Morgax is so crazy that she actually says she got so emotional when watching she would purposely avoid watching the show. Really? You didn’t want to watch Digimon? Well gee, NO ONE has ever felt like that before.

The reason I pick on and home in on Morgax so much is because she is the most evil of all these people. She in the one who started the site and upon reading the message boards I have seen several people give testimonies saying that they were all ready to believe that they were crazy, or didn’t think they were in Otakukin until Morgax came along, and encouraged them all to believe they are a cartoon character and anyone who says they are a crazy nerd is just intolerant.

Frankly I don’t even know how they believe this woman. After skimming through her livejournal account you can’t help but KNOW she’s just a hopeless, emo nerd. All she does in the damn thing is mope and talk about Japanimation.

What’s really freaky is that some of these people have fucking kids! YES. NOT ONLY has someone actually married these people, but they actually with them! I never thought I would be afraid of how a parent would raise a child faith-wise, seeing as I try to give all religions an equal chance, but the Otakukin do, indeed frighten me. They are insane. Their belief system is more far off that Scientology. They ruin good hard working writers. And I hate them.

One comfort your supposed to get after looking at a kid who loves Japanimation is that they will grow out if it. Well the Otakukin don’t want you to grow out of it. Hell, they want you to believe that you ARE Japanimation.

Those Messageboards…….. agh. I leave you all to go explore them for yourselves. I for one had many a fun hour looking on in shock and horror that there are people this crazy in the world.


I have two issues with this.

One is that the picture he provides is a picture of the Digimon Kaizer, not Ken Ichijouhi, so of course he looks evil

The second is that he keeps spelling my name wrong.

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