Well, since I can’t be with you this lovely afternoon thanks to Bunny-Chan’s poor planning (really, I know I didn’t tell you when I’d be back, but isn’t your job supposed to bend around me?) I’ll have to give you a static update.

This particular missive is viewable to you only Selbelis, so I do hope that you appreciate it, hmm?

As you can probably tell, I have returned, unfortunately with little in the way of news to sate you. I do know how you look forward to these little tidbits, however.

I’ve been keeping an eye on you-know-who, and she’s managed to collect an avatar of our Lord into her little entourage. My days and nights are now spent hoping that Lord Dynast doesn’t catch on too soon.

How are things going on your end of, as you put it, the cosmos? I’ve seen some of your recent scribblings, but oh how I do hunger to know more. ^_^

As for your Master, he hungers for a return to his former glory, and as far as I can tell he seems to mean his pre-Resurrection war glory. He was seething when I saw him last, and I really had to get on with my other duties, so I was unable to collect a decent soundbite for you, but I hope you’ll rest easy knowing he is doing as well as can be expected. Why, soon I think he’ll be well enough to appreciate the jaunty little nurse’s cap I’ve been wearing when I see him.

Well, according to Bunny that’s all the news I’ve time to print.

Ta/cordially yours,

Beast Priest Xelloss

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