Narcissistic Buggery

Well, I discovered today that Mordax had done a very pigheaded thing indeed, without asking for permission or even letting the rest of us know.

I’m speaking of course, of the fact that she went and made all of those entries older than a week or two in this journal private and therefore invisible.

Now I realize that this journal bears her name, and that theoretically that gives her the right to do as she pleases, however, time and again she has made a point to me, and I think a good many others, that she thought of it as a community writing place.

While I certainly don’t have a history posting much, and I don’t delude myself into thinking that I have any ‘friends’ waiting for me to do so, I find it insufferably rude that she would strike out not only her own posts, but numerous posts by David, myself and others, all for one of her silly schemes.

With that frustration in mind I have reversed the decision with an equal amount of group discussion and forethought as she gave the initial endeavor, which is to say, none at all. This means that some of her own personal posts have probably been made visible to friends, but it is her problem, not mine, if she’s doesn’t trust some of the wankers she lets see her posts.

I’ve left her idiotic new layout the same, because I can’t be arsed to change it, and frankly the old one was just as stupid.


Julian V.

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