Speaking of trolls and the Sarah Saga situation, I was just AIMED by some guy, who did find me that way. Luckily he turned out to not exactly be a troll. (my sarah saga post is still forthcoming)

9:23 AM
SOME GUY: hello, i got your aim from your website
saevitia snape: hello
SOME GUY: Is it serious?
saevitia snape: Which website?
SOME GUY: http://otakukin.atspace.com/
SOME GUY: I’ve read through the whole thing, I find it pretty interesting
saevitia snape: It is serious.
SOME GUY: I had just heard of the existance of “otakukin” recently
saevitia snape: from the ‘sarah saga’?
SOME GUY: I’m like, idk, a fan of sci-fi/anime so I have a lot of fangirl/fanboy friends
saevitia snape: Please, please don’t take anything that girl said or did as a representation of otakukin in general
SOME GUY: had no idea if it was real
SOME GUY: So i decided to read about it, Google turned up your live journal, and from your live journal I found that website
SOME GUY: which had a pretty good summary of the beliefs
saevitia snape: Thank you.
SOME GUY: What do you think of the sarah saga blog?

SOME GUY: I found it to be incredibly amusing, but I guess I could see why it would be offensive to you
saevitia snape: I thought it had some amusement value. But I am pissed off, because it means more negative publicity for us. I swear, I know most of the otakukin online, and I have never heard of this girl.
saevitia snape: I have serious doubts about the veracity of the articles.
SOME GUY: Well I’ve been thinking that over
SOME GUY: going through it… the way they wrote it
saevitia snape: Especially the getting money from her ‘cult’ and the weird ritual.
SOME GUY: If it’s not authentic, I honestly think the author is a gernius
SOME GUY: *genius
SOME GUY: Because the author got so many things right
SOME GUY: About her character
saevitia snape: what do you mean?
SOME GUY: Well, Sarah and Something for one – he didn’t know exactly what character they were so he described them as he remembered
SOME GUY: and it corroborated with their ingame personality/description well
saevitia snape: he ‘says’ he doesn’t remember
SOME GUY: I know he changed a lot of the vital details – but I think it’s true somewhat
saevitia snape: he could know all about the games, and be pretending, to sound correct
SOME GUY: Well, that’s true
SOME GUY: Also the writing styles of the posters are quite different
saevitia snape: Its not that I think he didn’t have a bad, video game obsessed roommate, its that I think he exaggerated a lot and invented some of the wilder things.
SOME GUY: If it’s faked it’s an incredible fake
SOME GUY: And also he may have gotten some of facts surrounding sarah incorrect
saevitia snape: The reason I find it suspicious is because of how much it lines up with the recent troll portrayals of otakukin. Take a little bit of correct information and twist it so we look like freaks.
SOME GUY: But Sarah was a soulbonder, not an otakukin
saevitia snape: yes and no.
saevitia snape: she was a soulbonder, but there was persistent mention of ‘awakening’ and ‘identity’ which are otakukin concepts
saevitia snape: soulbonders have another person living with them in their head. Wheras Sarah is portrayed as believing herself to be that character.
SOME GUY: interesting
saevitia snape: there’s significant cross-bleed between the two ideas, mostly on the part of uniformed individuals
SOME GUY: btw I have a question
saevitia snape: okay
SOME GUY: Let’s assume there are an infinite amount of universes where everything happens and everything is true
saevitia snape: okay
SOME GUY: Does that mean every religion that exists up to the point is also true?
SOME GUY: in some distinct reality
saevitia snape: Yes. But not necessarily in this one.
SOME GUY: yeah
SOME GUY: But in some distinct universe, it is entirely true
saevitia snape: yes. Word for word.
saevitia snape: Somewhere, the fundamentalist christians are right.
SOME GUY: haha
SOME GUY: so they are right… in a way
saevitia snape: you could put it that way. However, I really think both they, and I would disagree. I feel that religion tries to sort out the way the world you live in works metaphysically. If this world doesn’t work the way a particular religion says it does, that makes it wrong.
saevitia snape: just an aside, I have no idea how our universe lines up metaphysically. For all I know, Zeus could be in charge. Doubt it though. We’d have more women getting raped by swans.
SOME GUY: that’s true, your beliefs offer no insight on fundamental origin of life/reality either, it just describes what you believe to be the product of a reality that encompasses an infinite amount of universes
saevitia snape: *nod*
SOME GUY: the whole infinite universes thing is popular with a lot of quantum physicists although they would probably disagree that life has evolved in 99.9% of those universes
9:40 AM
saevitia snape: ahahah
saevitia snape: You can’t have a percentage in an infinite.
saevitia snape: because even .1% of infinite is an infinite number
SOME GUY: yeah
SOME GUY: true, but they would classify it that
SOME GUY: Because the whole idea is basically
SOME GUY: The chance that humans evolved in the specific way that we did is so small that it must have failed an infinite amount of other times in parallel worlds
saevitia snape: also true
SOME GUY: i wonder if infinity can actually exist though
SOME GUY: outside of math. and theory.
saevitia snape: I have no idea. Honestly, I have become less interested in the scientific aspect of it. Its a personal belief, it almost makes me less credible to try to prove it with science.
SOME GUY: true
SOME GUY: I liked Digimon a lot when i was in elementary school
SOME GUY: remember before the TV show we had those digimon fighting toys?
SOME GUY: Like you trained a digimon
SOME GUY: and then could fight with friends
SOME GUY: i loved those lol, and when the TV show came on I loved it too
saevitia snape: Heh.
SOME GUY: Didn’t like subsequent Seasons though with the cast changes
9:45 AM
SOME GUY: After the 2nd
saevitia snape: I never really watched it much, honestly. Off and on in the first two seasons, as I’m sure you read.
SOME GUY: But even after you realized you were him, you didn’t watch it again?
saevitia snape: I tried watching it again recently, but its too… upsetting for a number of reasons.
SOME GUY: Ok the show wasn’t THAT bad
saevitia snape: Firstly, the dub just doesn’t hold up when you’re 22. The jokes are awful.
saevitia snape: And they’re inserted where its clear no one is saying anything *sigh*
SOME GUY: haha
SOME GUY: Watch the japanese originals?
saevitia snape: I’ve been avoiding trying that. I probably will some time.
saevitia snape: It just grates on my nerves to watch them, for existential reasons.
SOME GUY: Because they do not accurately represent who you are?
saevitia snape: Its harder when they *do* which is a fair amount of the time.
SOME GUY: Is it because he’s a bad guy
SOME GUY: Doesn’t he end up good though?
saevitia snape: There’s a lot of ‘oh god, I was really like that’. And then there’s the issue of being faced with old friends you haven’t seen in a long time
9:50 AM
SOME GUY: Have you met any of your old friends?
saevitia snape: *headshake*
SOME GUY: That stinks
saevitia snape: Its a crapshoot. Even if I did meet someone from that sort of universe, its even less likely they’d be from the same one I am.
SOME GUY: That’s true
saevitia snape: I know people who have met their old loved ones. I do envy them.
SOME GUY: So technically you could meet another one of you from a slightly different universe
saevitia snape: *nod* even that would be very nice, because we’d have some shared experiences. Someone to talk to about the way it used to be.
saevitia snape: Doesn’t seem to be in the cards though,
SOME GUY: well you say there needs to be an awakening of sorts that triggers the memories, and digimon isn’t very popular anymore
SOME GUY: especially season 2 (where you would be from)
SOME GUY: so the chances of people getting exposed to it and awakened would be a lot less
saevitia snape: hah, I can see it now, travelling across country, screen digimon 02, looking for a soul mate. God, that would be damned pathetic. LOL
SOME GUY: Wait this thought just occured to me
SOME GUY: since Ken was male and married a female
SOME GUY: Could your soul mate technically be female
saevitia snape: Okay… two things here.
saevitia snape: 1. Yolei/Miyako and I dated, but we didn’t marry. Damned epilogue.
saevitia snape: 2. I’m bi, at least in this life, so that wouldn’t bother me.
SOME GUY: well it sort of makes sense to be bi if you’re a male soul inside a female body
saevitia snape: *nod*
SOME GUY: I just realized something
SOME GUY: well thought of something
saevitia snape: Hmm?
SOME GUY: lets say the christian fundie universe exists – when those people die do they actually go to hell/heaven?
SOME GUY: (i’m talking about the one that is true for all intents and purposes)
SOME GUY: because it would suck to be in that universe.
saevitia snape: I would imagine that many or most of them do. Considering each universe has different elemental rules I would assume that the mechanism for souls to cross universes and/or be reborn is different in many of them.
10:00 AM
SOME GUY: Damn the universe is cruel then lol
saevitia snape: There are unfortunately some that the conditions for crossing may be near impossible.
SOME GUY: Or, reality that governs the universes is cruel
saevitia snape: No, the multiverse, I think is inherently ambivalent. Individual gods or controlling entities may be kind or cruel.
SOME GUY: Interesting
SOME GUY: Still doesn’t answer the underlying question to me which is why does these multiverse exis
SOME GUY: *exist
saevitia snape: I couldn’t begin to guess, personally, about what caused the multiverse to come into being. String theory sort of addresses it, but not really. I’m tempted to say that everything has always existed and always will, but I have nothing to back that up.
SOME GUY: heh,yeah
SOME GUY: I also found out that otherkin existed too xD
SOME GUY: I wonder why they don’t like you
saevitia snape: Oh, otherkin. <3 We disagree philosophically.
saevitia snape: Otherkin hate us because they think we make them look stupider. They believe that while mythological creatures exist, specific characters don't. *shrug*
saevitia snape: arguing about it caused a 2 year implosion of the otherkin community.
saevitia snape: Its sort of starting to recover
SOME GUY: thanks for talking to me, i love to learn about fringe beliefs

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