Wacky Sailor Moon dream

Had a funky Sailor Moon dream last night. I was Sailor Moon and I was in this old style Japanese house that reminded me of the houses from Fatal Frame 2. There was some kind of monster in there that I couldn’t see, and it was sucking Luna toward the center of the room, which was some kind of bad thing. I managed to grab her, and jump out the window where the other senshi were, but instead of Rei there was another blonde senshi with short hair? I don’t know who she was but nothing seemed amiss. Except then I realized I couldn’t transform into sailor moons (although I already had been?) and somebody was falling, and they were too far away for me to catch, but I did, by turning into the moon princess. I didn’t know what had happened at first, but then I looked down and saw the dress. Which gave me the power to transform into Sailor Moon- which was when the dream became lucid and I thought ‘I wonder what its like to transform like that?’ and then I woke up.

Wonky. Probably means I need to stop eating before bed time. O_o

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