Did anyone catch the number of that goddess?

Or rather, goddesses. I wouldn’t bother posting this if it wasn’t such a rare and rather puzzling occurrence for me.

Last night I dreamed that I was visited by two goddesses while I was out at a restaurant sketching(I do that frequently when I’m awake but goddesses have never shown up previously). The two were clearly sisters, possibly twins, with rather sharp, severe, but still beautiful features. They never identified themselves, but I got the feeling that they were Day and Night. This might have something to do with the fact that one had golden skin and (shortish) blonde hair, and the other had extremely pale skin and dark hair, and both were accordingly dressed. I believe, but am not positive that one or both of them were smoking. (a cigarette, not personally)

They didn’t stay long, and the message was pretty blunt. They thought I was selfish, and doing a sucky job as a human being They didn’t explicitly say I needed to shape up or anything, just… that I sucked. And then they were gone.

Now, my question is this, do they match up with the descriptions of any goddesses anyone knows of? I’m Norse pagan, and I don’t have an image of them that immediately comes to mind.

I ask because if it was any sort of divine experience, I’d kind of like to initiate more contact, if only to do a quick ritual and say ‘sorry I suck so much’.


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