Damned right I am!

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Evil Genius

38% EvilGenius, 38% Mad-Scientist, 0% MaskedMan, 23% Two-Face, 38% Maniac, 8% Bestiary, 15% Seducer, 15% Revenger and 15% Funky!

You are brilliant, a genius in the truest sense. You are weird and hard to get, but ever so demanding. You have an enormous army of minions; who all one by one are dispendable. Your goal is world domination and you seek to be the most powerful and richest of all. Though you are already one of the richest people around!

You reside on an island in a secret ‘evil lair’, which is hard to find but has everything an evil base needs. You are extremely rich and do everything you please by the use of money.

Your favorite weapon is a giant laser, which you most likely use to treathen a wealthy country with. The more money you get, the more status you’ll have.

You are organized and a planner. You are extremely smart and sometimes even amaze your arrogant self with the brilliance you show. Somewhere on your island you more than likely have a clone walking around, there to die by the hands of many assassins sent by special agency’s, thinking it’s you. Yet again another genius plan from yours truly.

All over the world many of your minions do infamous acts of infamy to raise your evil reputation and get you even more wealth.

Your biggest threat are people with powers. Since they have powers you yourself do not have. You have lots of minions and useful henchmen to make up for your lack of powers though. Hire a powerful henchman or two as a bodyguard and the world will soon be in your hands!

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