Humans are so … interesting

So, some of you know I’ve been stubbornly holding out against reading r watching Death Note, mostly because the annoying popularity factor makes for a fandom full of fail. Also, I heard it was depressing.

Well, yesterday I broke down and got the scanlations, and began reading. I started with the assumption that I wouldn’t like it. However, once I was a few pages in, I discovered that it was oddly compelling in a way, and I didn’t want stop reading. I got all the way through the end of volume 2. Here are my thoughts.

I was wrong about it being depressing, first of all. During the first 2 chapters I laughed out loud several times, due to Light’s… Light-ness. It was mostly a ‘did he just *say* that?’ is that what he *thinks* kind of chuckle of ‘oh Light, you’re so stupid, what a weirdo.’ Obviously, he’s not the ‘hero’ of the story (as he seems to believe) but is he even the protagonist/main character?

I’d say no. Maybe it’s just the demon in me, but I get the feeling that Ryuuk is the intended main character, an “observer protagonist” who’s point of view the story is seen from, even though he doesn’t affect most of the action. His quest to observe human behavior in order to cure his boredom seems like the real point of the story. Or maybe I’m over empathizing.

My favorite character so far (aside from Ryuuk) is, unsurprisingly, L. Another reason why I didn’t want to read it is, well, I know what happens to him. But anyway, he’s exactly my type, and we have a lot of similar traits. LOL. I’ll probably end up with some fan art.

I just plain don’t like Light. He’s a cocky, foolish bastard that I feel almost no empathy for.

Also, Raye Penbar was a jerk. The way he said all that stuff to that lady FBI agent (whatsrface) about forgetting about her career, and being too busy with babies to care. I’m not usually a feminist, but that guy got what he deserved. Ass.

Ah well.

Anyway, I’ll probably write a few more entries like this as I read, so, stay tuned if you’re interested.

Going to see Wolverine at midnight tonight. Yay!

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