The LOST s5 finale

My initial thoughts on the finale.

First off… YAY ROSE AND BERNARD!!!! I did a little squeal and a happy dance when I saw them alive and well, and living together on the island. They have definitely been my favorite characters who don’t do much since they were reunited. I am so glad that they got their happy ending.

Next- I nearly started a shipping war in my own house towards the end of the episode, when I found out my brother is a Sawyer/Kate fan, while the last season has converted me to a rabid Sawyer/Juliet fan. SRSLY bro, they had THREE years of devotion and partnership, Sawyer and kate had sex a couple times, and she repeatedly ran back to Jack. *grumble grumble* But at least he stood by Juliet until the *sniffle* end. If they do end up resetting events, I really hope that they can get back together. Juliet was so heartbreakingly badass smacking away at the bomb at the end.

So… uh, yeah, that was the end…. Here are some other bits.

Jacob is like, some dude who eats fish and gave Jack a candybar once. No, srsly. I think he might be human. On the other hand, he does seem to have the whole, no aging, showing up in weird places thing down. maybe he is some kind of god?

I feel that it’s a bit late in the series to be yet again introduced to the person we are to believe is the big bad. (Oh, Its the smoke monster! Its Ben! No, its Widmore! Ben! No, its …. some guy we’ve never met before….) Apparently, right before the Black Rock came to the island, Jacob (ye blonde) is hanging out with some guy (ye darke haired manne) who wants to kill him but needs to find a loophole.

And dead!Locke (or maybe angsty!Ben) is that loophole, centuries later. Yes, that’s right, apparently Locke *isn”t* special, he’s just been manipulated by a dark force, who was clearly the *real* resident of the Cabin, who said ‘help me’ all those episodes ago. And boy does he. Because ye darke haired manne has taken on Locke’s form for the past season. That’s right, ladies and gents, Dead is Dead.

Which means that Ben is, in the case of Locke, not just a killer, but in fact a murderer, since he obviously did NOT know/think that Locke would come back to life (as indeed he did not). or perhaps Ben is in cahoots with/worships ye darke haired manne? (an opposite deity to Jacob?) Except I don’t think so because he’s been acting cast adrift, and like apetulant child ever since the smoke monster sent Alex’s form to give him the smack down. But perhaps its all part of a cunning Xanatos Gambit? … (seriously, ben gets more and more like snape every day)

And, thankfully, Illana and the rest of the Ajira people *aren’t* a third faction, but are somehow involved with Richard (Ricardos 😛 ) and have been carting around LOCKES DEAD BODY to prove to Richard that Locke isn’t some resurrected messiah, but in fact a false prophet. or something. And we finally found out what ‘lies in the shadow of the statue’. According to Richard its ‘Ille qui nos omnes servabit’. or ‘A righteous keg of Dos Equis’ Actually its ‘he one who will save all of us’ or something. Whatever, it probably means Jacob. or maybe its another H-bomb.

Did I mention they blew up an h-bomb that will either blow them all back to the past/future.. flight 815… or just… blow them all up. Who knows anymore.

Thats all I can really think of right now. I’m still kind of the ”duh…. duh…..whu?” stage. But I have NINE MONTHS to get over that while I can formulate some intelligent thought before finally seeing how it all turns out.

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