Saw ‘Monkeybone’ last night, because my parents just saw it, and were massively enthused by it. (My mom already ordered the DVD)

It was, not bad. It reminded me of a kind of fusion of Beetlejuice, the Mask, and the crappy Sonic cartoon. Well, the first half I really liked, it was very sureal- had a lot in common with Beetlejuice’s Neitherworld (especially the cartoon). The second half of the movie was set in the real world mostly, and so not as entertaining.

Stylistically and functionally the movie was a mess and this morning why. It’s based off a graphic novel that was never finished, and there was a huge amount of executive meddling. I found a final draft of the script from before the started hacking it to pieces. I can see why it was greenlighted.

But gods, any movie like this without a single story at ffnet REALLY flopped.

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