The smell of Kin drama in the early afternoon

So, remember my post about that dick froudgoblin?

Well, yesterday someone brought to my attention the fact that the argument had been highlighted on your old friend and mine, fandom wank. I was pretty much gonna let it go, because everyone there was so busy mocking the guy who posted about it for being a douchebag (named xelloss no less. Blasphemy!) that they pretty much forgot to mock us.

However, today I found out that the BS cross pollinated to sf_drama where all of the LOL WHUT U CRAZY comments and ‘I’m chuck norris kin gags were alive and well, although most people actually seemed more amused at froudgoblins opinions than mine.

I waffled back and forth about posting this here, as you might see in the sf comments, because I’m not looking to cause more wank, or hurt feelings, but I decided you guys deserved to know. Just… do us all a favor and don’t go charging in there unless your argument is well thought out, okay?

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