A truly funny generator

I found a random generator that produces recipes. Like, the kid of recipes that an insane cooking AI would come up with. Or a drunk bachelor with nothing in his refrigerator. Here’s an example.

Oysters Surprise
Serves 5

You will need:
90ml red wine
120ml orange juice
2 cabbages
120g sugar
1 oysters

sift the oysters
sprinkle the oysters over the top
fold in the oysters
fold in the oysters
fry the cabbages until browned
sift the red wine
stir-fry the orange juice
fry the sugar until browned
throw it all away


Water Mini Roasties
Serves 4

You will need:
140ml mint sauce
4 lettuces
3 red onions
50ml milk
120ml water

rinse the milk
heat the milk
heat the milk
throw the milk away
toast the mint sauce
barbeque the red onions
grill the lettuces
fry the water
put everything in the blender


Exotic Sauce With Prawns Crust
Serves 2

You will need:
150ml exotic sauce
4 prawns

sift the exotic sauce
add one tablespoon of the exotic sauce
saute the exotic sauce
flip the exotic sauce
put the exotic sauce in the fridge for 2 minutes
throw the exotic sauce away
whisk the prawns
go down the pub


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