Wii would like Silent Hill

So, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is coming out in september, and I really, really want it. It’s coming out on both PS2, and the Wii. The only difference with the wii supposedly will be slightly better graphics, the ability to point the controller as the flashlight, and have sound come out of it like your cell-phone.

For some reason that I’m unable to ascertain those last two points are *vitally* important to me, so I’m buying wii.

I’ve been saving for it for about a month, and I’m going to go get it tonight. Since SH:SM isn’t out yet, I’m buying Mario Galaxy to start with (to familiarize myself with using wii type controls (before I dive into the life or death of SH XD) and also so that my brother will hopefully be burnt out on it by the time I get SH.

So yay, Wii!

Anyone want to recommend me some more good games?


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