Slipping through Realities

This is a Silent Hill: Shattered Memories theory I came up with a while ago, and the two new IGN playthroughs really cemented my belief that I’m right, so I’ve decided to post it.

Maybe spoilers if it turns out I’m right.

that, or a variation thereof, I think is going to be spoken by Doc. K at some point.

The way I hear people talking, everyone seems to think that we’ll each be seeing one version of a character, as determined the first time we encounter them. Angry!Cybil, Pretty!Cybil, etc. That we’ll meet them once, and then every time we meet them again, it will be the same version, that there will be consistency.

My question is, why? Hullett keeps stressing that the game will evolve as we play it, that choices equal changes.

What better way to show this off than to have Harry run into one version of a character once, and then another version the next time as linked to changes in the psych profile. And I think this will be a plot point.

I think that Harry, when he is in Silent Hill will have been slipping through different *versions* different dimensions of Silent Hill, creating this bizarre tapestry that seems on the telling like it could only be a case of… shattered memories. Like Harry doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about, because when he tells the story, one minute Cybil is a bitch to him, and the next minute she’s sweet and helpful (for example). Like he can’t get his story straight.

I’ve been thinking this might be the case for a while, but resisted posting it because I wasn’t sure. The new IGN playthroughs however cemented it for me for 2 reasons.

1) We’ve seen three playthroughs so far, but Harry hasn’t run into the same character yet in a single continuity. Yes, I know they don’t want to show too much of the game, but you’d think they’d give us a glimpse, don’t you? Other trailers show stuff way towards the end of a game, but not SHSM (or schism as I’ve been pronouncing it;) )

2) In playthrough 2 of the new IGN previews, nice!Cybil suggests Harry may have a concussion, and he admits he has all the symptoms. A concussion is the perfect cover for a character not realizing at first that the people he’s running into aren’t exact the same people he met last time, and they’re referring to events that he doesn’t quite remember playing out the same way they say they did.


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