So, the last couple of days I’ve been on facebook because an old friend tracked me down on it and invited me to a tabletop roleplay. YAY But of course in the mindless way that one does on the internet, I’ve been playing with the bells and whistles. This means stupid quizzes and a shaved-down mafia rp sim that tries to extract money from you every two seconds. But today, today I got a virtual fortune cookie.

Greer opened a fortune cookie and his fortune was:

“You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature.”

And I know it’s trite, and a random generation of a fortune cookie from a list of maybe (at best) a couple hundred fortunes does not signify some cosmic meaningful communication from an otherworldly entity, but when I see that message, I can’t help but smile, and remember that even though I haven’t seen or heard from him in a while, that Xelloss is out there, and I still matter to him, and he still matters to me.

Your soppy romantic mazoku,


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