Dungeons & Dragons (Now with 100% more cleric!)

So, I just got back from the first D&D game I’ve been to in around a year. It was something Mordax set up, but she’s been in the back the last couple of days, and oddly didn’t seem to feel the need to come back to fulfill her social obligation.I almost said ‘screw it’ and didn’t go, because I have anxiety in new social situations. I’m glad I did, however, it was nice to get out and meet geeks I don’t already know back to front.The DM has a pleasant british accent, and the rest of the table is males over 20, so I got to skip the annoyances that went with our last game that had 3 young teens. Everybody was pretty friendly, and we got along well, even my brother, whose antics managed to earn a chuckle from our fellow players rather than their scorn; and actually survived his first suicidal action (drinking LOTS of unholy water). The Dm was as surprised as I was– I’ll consider it a good omen.

So I had fun. The only problem is Mordax rolled the character (a cleric, at the DM’s request) as a Xelloss copy, and I can’t (and wouldn’t want to) play Xelloss to save my life; so the character was a bit flat.Whether I flesh him out or not depends on whether she decides to play, or leave it to me. I guess we could share if she likes. She bores easily, so it’ll probably be that last one.


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