You ruined my last D&D group, I will not have you ruin this one too!

Guys, what do I do about this? For those of you who don’t know, my brother is a raving unstoppable beast with the mentality of a five year old. He’s going to go fucking HULK when I show him this. What can I do?

This is the email I just got from my DM.

Hi Greer,

XP rewards are small this week (200 xp each).

We have a bit of an awkward issue this week, I’m afraid –
I’m sorry to have to say this but most of the other players and myself found Trevor’s behaviour on Tuesday extremely immature and annoying. I have some tolerance for lack of focus as I suffer from it myself a lot of the time, but his antics were starting to be disruptive for the whole group and certainly did nothing to help the flow of the game. I can understand to some degree if he’s trying to roleplay a low-intelligence character but his stats aren’t that extreme, nor is it an excuse for such childish behaviour. The occasional thing (drinking holy water, blithely setting off traps etc) is okay, but last session it was getting out of hand.

I’m very happy with the way you play your own character and I understand you come as a pair, so I’m hoping you can maybe have a few words with him to get him to try and tone things down, and be more mature and sensible?




EDIT: This is by no means a solution, but I think if it comes from somebody else he’s less likely to rage at me. Here’s what I sent back to Dan.


I’ve already spoken to him about it due to my own thoughts about his behavior last session, however, I think it would be more effective if you spoke to him on the subject directly.

I can provide a phone number or email address if you’re are uncomfortable talking to him about it at [the store].


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