So Mordax and I were accepted as a member in the SCP Foundation. For those of you who are unfamiliar, SCP is a collaborative horror writing project whose main thrust is to catalogue the, generally hideously dangerous and beyond true understanding, paranormal items that said Foundation has accrued and is containing for the good of all humanity. The focus is on creating articles pertaining to said objects, starting with how they are contained and moving on from what they do, to the horrible tests that the Foundation has preformed with them in the name of science. There’s also stories focusing on the various Agents, personnel, doctors, and test subjects, a few RPs, and a project to fake the SCPs as real declassified documents and leave them in public.

The Foundation started with a single post on /x/ by an unknown contributer and spiraled from there due to massive levels of awesome.

This is the SCP that started it all.

This is the closest thing the foundation has to a mascot.

This is Mordax’s current favorite

This is my current favorite

Be aware that the site is currently undergoing a massive quality purge and edit. If you want to read an SCP that has been deleted, check out the pdfs.

We don’t go by Mordax over there, so don’t bother asking around for us. 😛


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