Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

So, Shattered Memories is out today. Having had it pre-ordered for ages and ages I am soooo excited to go pick it up after work (before D&D assuming we go).

We have taken tomorrow off to play it, and will be putting a blackout curtain in our room for effect. I may end up posting our thoughts during breaks in play. LJ-cut so no one who doesn’t want to be spoiled will be.

I have a theory going back a few months, and am anxious to see if it’s correct. David’s thoughts are going in a different direction, so we’ll see who’s right. Glad he’s excited to play too, since the parts that aren’t RUN FOR YOUR LIEF! are pretty straight up point and click puzzly, and he’s got a different approach to those than me. You know what they say about 2 heads.

I’ve avoided spoilers (though I listened to the soundtrack) so it should all be pretty new to me. Can’t wait.


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