So You Want to Be Mrs. Severus Snape: A Reality Contest

Albus Dumbledore had looked long and hard into the future; and he did not like what he saw. In the future he loss of Lilly Potter’s friendship, the only woman in the world that Snape would have eyes for, had ultimately sent him into a downward spiral; destroying his life, and nearly the wizarding world along with it.

There was only one solution: Dumbledore would have to scour the multiverse to find the perfect bride for Severus. But how would he find such a woman?

There would have to be a contest.

So You Want to be Mrs. Severus Snape is fully fan interactive reality fanfiction series based on all those reality shows on TV where women throw themselves at a guy in hopes of winning his affection. In this series real fans and their characters will get to a chance woo and charm, backstab, and puzzle their way through a series of tests in order to be win the love of Severus Snape.

It will be a zany, quirky, off the wall good time for all those chasing their darling Potions Master; for those people who love to watch those chasing him, and for all those in between. Crazy tests to complete, intimate contestant and Judge interviews, and kooky commentary will make for one heck of a ride on the way to wedded bliss on So You Want to be Mrs. Severus Snape.


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