Gives ya hope. :P

Throughout the years Mordax and I have highlighted a lot of really negative things said about otakukin here. Today, I have the happy privaledge of sharing something really positive.

Here’s an email that we received this morning; I’ve removed all personal information.

Hi there; I came across your website while looking for information about Otakukin, a word I had never seen before today (found it mentioned on Wikipedia).
Firstly, congratulations on a well set-up website. I learned all I needed to know, quickly and easily.
Secondly, regarding the mental health of the Otakukin fraternity – I noticed today that members of the Sunni branch of Islam were slashing themselves and their children with swords, razors, etc to commemorate the martyrdom of one of their sect’s founders, centuries ago. Shortly afterward, a member of a rival sect blew himself and a large number of Sunnis to bits because he disagreed with them. These folk are all members of a respected mainstream religion.
By comparison, the absolute worst thing that can be said about Otakukin as an idea, philosophy, lifestyle or whatever is that they are agreeably nutty.. In my opinion the world would definitely be a happier place with a lot more Otakukin and a lot less religious crazies.
More power to you!

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