You can apply this post to many things I’ve said in the past months


No, you ignorant plebes; that’s not what I’m saying! Argh!


And now for something completely different; have a meme.

Your result for The "What Type of Intellectual are You?" Test…

Public Intellectual

You scored 43% empirical, 66% public, and 58% teaching-oriented

Noble, confident, successful! You are The Public Intellectual!

You have the enviable traits of the public intellectual. Unlike many great men and women, you are likely to be widely recognized for your contributions to popular discourse. People might admiringly drop your name in blogs on the internet or invite you to fancy cocktail parties.

However, you may find yourself fighting to maintain the integrity of your ideas. You’re very likely to be mischaracterized, politicized, or satirized by scholars and laymen alike. And you may be tempted to stick to your guns, merely out of stubbornness. But when push comes to shove, you’re exactly whom thousands of liberal arts major will strive to be some day.

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