“Sephiroth” type fangirls continue to ruin lives

PhotobucketI love the webcomic Order of the Stick. Maybe you guys know that. But right now I’m a little annoyed.

I know I’m over-reacting to this, but its been getting to me since comic #700 went up.

You can read it yourself by clicking on the pic.

Go ahead, go read it. I’ll wait. It’s one freaking page.

What gets me about the page?

Tsukiko; the chick. Previously, she’d been set up as an evil for evil’s sake necrophile.

Now we find out that she likes dead guys because she thinks they’re misunderstood.

This is what drives me nuts about many “villain fangirls”; they don’t actually like villains! If you’re just going to write a fic where he becomes hero material, why not just oogle the good guy? It’s less work!

Fangirls like that water down the image of us real evil fangirls, who like our men nasty; and it turns the public perception of any chick who likes badguys into some idiot who thinks that they can “redeem him wiff the powah of luv!”.

Frankly it makes me ill.

Why couldn’t you have left Tsukiko awesome, Rich? I know you think being evil is stupid, and people have stupid reasons for being evil; but couldn’t you have given her a different one?


In other words

Dear troubled youths; please to be stop giving us legitimate psychopaths a bad name kthx

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