Oh Cristian rock/pop/punk whatever

Why do you have to sound so damned good?

Along with all of my other musical tastes I happen to like shitty, poppy, over-produced musical candy; and it pisses me off that it has to come wrapped in a religious pamphlet.

I just discovered the band ‘Alakrity’ thanks to pandora (which probably now will play lots of OTHER Christian bands), and, like Reliant K, I’m quite fond of the way they sound, musically, but I’m really annoyed that if I get their album, I’ll be sitting there focusing on trying to figure out if they’ve got explicitly religious lyrics in it.

I’d much prefer plain old explicit lyrics. I mean, I’m *evil*; it hurts my image to be listening to this stuff! :/ At least with regular pop bands they have the sex and drugs, and the shadowy, vile recording industry backing them like a grinning Mafia Don.


EDIT: Further, I’m aware that some (not all) of these bands have explicitly evangelical goals, and I can’t STAND anybody trying to convert me. To anything.

EDIT EDIT: … yep. Explicitly Goddy. 🙁 *sigh* This is why I like songs in other languages. I haven’t a clue what they’re saying.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: No offense to the Christains on my friends list. Its just… not my thing, ya know?

EDIT 4: … and an explicitly pro-conversion “your life sucks without God” song. On the plus side, they have an awesome cover of the original Power Rangers theme
…I’m gonna stop editing this post now.

EDIT 5: Noooooo! Spirituality I can handle. Even vaguely encouraging me to consider being a good person, I can handle. But specifically mentioning being “Born Again”? I’m sorry. Most Christains I don’t have a problem with, but honestly I *do* have a problem with 90% of Born Agains and if you are one, I don’t know why you’ve friended this journal.

I lied about the editing thing. Because I’m a dirty sinner.

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