The man responsible for “weeaboo”

I just met Nicholas Guerwitch, the author of the Perry Bible Fellowship.

I was just sitting at the desk in the front office at work, when in strolls this young, handsome gentleman with big poofy brown hair. I welcome him to Writers & Books, and it turns out he’s come in because he was at the Halloween Poe Masquerade last year and wants to know if there will be another one. I tell him there will, and we’re putting together a committee. He desperately wants to be on it, so I take his info.

Then we chat about last year’s masquerade, what worked, what didn’t, and we talk a little about what W&B does, and he says he’s a published author. I ask him if he minds telling me what and he says:


Suddenly, I freeze up- I don’t know what to say. I mean, I knew he lived in the area, but I didn’t know *how* in the area, and I never expected to just bump into him at work!

I kind of stuttered my way through the rest conversation; eventually I recovered, but I know I looked like stupid fan for a minute there.

I said “So you’re the man responsible for weeaboo”.

Turns out he doesn’t really ‘get’ how the word is being used now (as a synonym for anime fan) and I told him that 4chan was behind it. Then he wanted me to explain 4chan to him! Urk! XD I told him it was a wretched hive of scum and villainy. He’ll probably google it tonight. LOL

So yeah, it was really cool to meet him, and I’m actually probably going to see him around if he gets involved in my work… it’s just so awkward to be interacting with a person perfectly normally, until you find out they wrote one of your favorite comics!

I feel like I’m in a daze. XD

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