Working at the front desk, I just got a call to enroll in a class from my favorite high school English teacher. It was weird, but kinda cool. We chatted for a minute. She’s still teaching. Seems well. I told her all the news about my classmates I knew. I have her email address now. XD -Mordax

Well, dad, maybe I wouldn’t be moving out if you made me feel valued instead of despised. And mom, you wouldn’t be in financial trouble due to my “sudden” leaving if you had listened to me six months ago when I said I was going to move out. -D

Yes yes yes!

Met with Nick, the prospective roommate, at lunch today. I am ecstatic to discover that he is just as serious about this as I am. We talked habits, chores, finances, furniture, etc. We have officially moved out of the “possibility” stage, and into the “Actively looking for an apartment stage.” I’ve already made about 4 phone calls. We’re looking at the first apartment on Friday. A part of me really thinks this is going to…