Boycott Capcom!!!!

Capcom Announces Unreplayable Game “Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will be an experience that can be completed once per customer. Using a single, unwipable save slot Capcom ensures that a second hand customer gets a second rate experience. If you buy this game used, you will be stuck with the previous owner’s progress, unable to start the game fresh.” Original article Slashdot DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS BULLSHIT. If…

That one where I met my future wife

6/14/2021: posting the chat log of the moment I met my future wife. — forsakenAlliance [FA] began pestering atypicalTraitor [AT] at 18:20 — AT: Hello? FA: :^} hey AT: Hey. 😀 Uh…. who is this? FA: :^} heh sorry just was going down the list, FA: :^} random messagin FA: :^} :/ AT: Oh, no problem. Was just curious. AT: 😀 FA: :^} haha ok AT: Whassup? FA: :^} nothin much, listenin to music AT:…

End to an old argument

Some of you probably remember when I called someone out in the kin community a while ago and called them a faker. While the person and I still have our differences, we have come to an understanding, and ceased hostilities. At her request, I am posting our reconciliation conversation here in the open, so that it may be as much a matter of public record as the initial feud.

Silent Hill: Promise //Screen 585-586//

Some interesting news about upcoming Silent Hill Game SH: Downpour: Will be compatible with 3D tv Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will do a song Band Korn will do a song Main character appears to be voiced by David Hayter of Solid Snake fame. First Screen Previous Screen Next Screen Silent Hill interactive webcomic fancomic web comic fan comic “silent hill comic”