001902 is the same kind of joke that MSPA initially relied on, making fun of dopey fan input. Somebody actually suggested the name Zoosmell Pooplord, and Hussie made a panel rejecting it. This is a joke that I believe gets recycled repeatedly through the comic as callbacks. Its pretty funny, honestly. I feel like a lot of the humor of MSPA was lost when it stopped taking direct fan input.

John Egbert’s actual dumb name was submitted by this user http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?24482&p=3049369#post3049369

I notice looking back at panel 001903 John has these really weird 1 pixel eyebrows. They just look…. Wrong.

001904 is the first of what will be MANY introductory screens in the same format. Introduces the name of the character, and  boils their personality down into a number of likes and hobbies that are illustrated in the room. Some of these likes stick around, some don’t. We never really see John as a computer programmer, but the amateur magician schtick (or at least the prankster aspect of it) ends up informing a good bit of John’s characterization throughout the whole comic.

Likewise, really fucking terrible movies don’t stop being a thing. They never stop being a thing.

The art on this page is really typical for the early comic, lots and lots of white space, and very little color. Still going for the ‘ms paint’ aesthetic, lots of cut and paste assets, and images blatantly pulled from google image search.

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