001906 Introduces us to what one could consider the very first ‘dropped element/dropped plot point’ of Homestuck, and that’s ‘you’ and ‘your’ interaction with the comic.

The text reads “>>Remove CAKE from MAGIC CHEST.”
“Out of sympathy for John’s perceived lack of arms, you pick up the CAKE for him and put it on his BED.”

The page depicts a computer style cursor appearing from nowhere, and moving the cake off of the chest, and on to his bed. John doesn’t appear to acknowledge this interaction in any way. I don’t believe we ever quite see this style of interaction between ‘you’ and the characters again, or if we do, it is dropped quite quickly.

When we see this style of interaction again, it’s for one of two reasons. The first is a Server character acting on their Client’s environment after Sburb has been installed, which gives them this exact ability. (this too is dropped after a while in the comic)

And the second is when an Exile from the game of sburb interacts with a player, typing commands into a terminal as if giving the character thoughts.

I just did about 20 minutes of research to make sure there was no possible way that this action was done by John’s exile WV, and no, I was right. WV’s interference doesn’t begin until 002153 with “YOU THERE, BOY”. Not only that, but the exile stations can only be typed into, and can’t interfere directly.

That makes the interaction of 001906 a dropped element, and remnant of where Homestuck might have gone had it developed into another direction.

That leaves us with the question of how do we reconcile this interaction in the context of Homestuck as a coherent narrative, and not merely an experiment in interaction? We have a few options, honestly.

We could consider it to be Hussie himself, who later meddles quite a lot. Or we could go ahead and blame it on John himself, who later returns to the past to this exact moment and messes with things with one arm. He could easily have moved the cake.

Or it could be Caliborn maybe? I’m not sure about this one. I’ll be thinking it over, and probably come back to talking about it once more of the possible elements to explain it have been introduced. In the meantime, any thoughts?

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