001909 gives us a taste of more knowledge  of how John Egbert’s sylladex functions, and that’s about it. John captchalogues some smoke pellets for later use, and they shunt the fake arms back a ‘slot’ in his sylladex.

In 001910 we get the lovely Hussieism: “You aren’t totally sure if “EQUIP” is a verb copasetic with the abstract behavioral medium in which you dwell, but you give it a try anyway.”

To John that sort of means nothing other than trying (and failing) to get the arms and then do something with them, but it informs the reader more of the shape of this world, which, for the reader, already is a game.

Maybe that is the element that seems to be missing as we read later into Homestuck. The kids were already in a game to begin with. A game called Homestuck, rather than a game called Sburb. Their universe, at least in this stage of literary development, functions on game rules– or at least that is the way that it is presented to us.

What we  need to be able to find is the line where our perception of Egbert’s reality ends, and where his actual reality begins.Given the metatextual nature of homestuck, this is surprisingly hard to do. We don’t know if Egbert is really perceiving a reality in which he is trying to ‘equip’ his arms,and doesn’t know if this is a viable option or not– or if we are merely perceiving his attempt to get at the arms through the lens of a video game.

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