001911 gives us a nice self referential MSPA merchandise plug. As of 4/16, the link still works.

001912, besides being an obvious example of a reused page (page 001905), also sets up one of Homestuck’s early running gags that is original to itself, rather than being a larger MSPA joke. And that joke is FATHERLY NOTES.  I don’t know exactly how long these persist in the comic but my feeling is they get referenced and return at least until act 5.

This is the first hint we see of John’s dad and his, shall we say, strong personality. No matter what, John’s dad is always proud of him. He’s doting (to the point of being a little bit overly caring in John’s eyes), he’s MANLY, and most of all he goes out of his way to bond with his son and give him things that he knows (or believes) his son will like. In this case the birthday offering is another poster for his wall. These will actually come back later, I recall so they are getting a tag.

Honestly, for a character who says literally nothing throughout the whole comic, its amazing what a strong characterization we have for dad Egbert/Crocker. It is a testament to one of Hussie’s actually good writing abilities.

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