001914 Captchalogue cards are full. Prepare for incoming SHENANIGANS, as John tries to captchalogue nails with which to hang the poster.

001915 John takes the nails into his already full sylladex and we are shown more of how it works as a game mechanic. If he fills up all of his ‘sylladex cards’ whatever item is stored in the last card is expelled violently from it, in this case, the fake arms.

This feature of the sylladex will haunt John for pages and pages to come and actually be responsible for major plot points that shape the entire comic start to finish. That’s why it’s important to remember that this is an actual physical thing that John for some reason has to deal with, and not ‘merely’ a gaming abstraction’ for the reader to play with.

When I ask ‘where do sylladexes come from, and why does John have one, and why isn’t he familiar with using one?’ It’s not because I’m being nitpicky, it’s because if there’s no good answer then we have no good reason why a lot of the things in the comic even Happen. And when they fade out and aren’t use any more, I have to ask, why? Is there a reason they’re no longer relevant? Perhaps. We’ll have to see.

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